County Rider offers free cycle training

When discussing the Derwent Valley Cycleway with people, we often hear that more people would like to cycle but don’t have the confidence or experience to cycle on the existing roads. Building the Derwent Valley Cycleway will greatly help people get out on their bikes but in the meantime, Derbyshire County Council offer the County Rider scheme that provides 1:1 training for all types of riders (from the inexperienced to expert). Most people taking up the offer will be new or inexperienced riders who need help to build up their skills and confidence.

Free to people who live, work or study in Derbyshire. See this link for more details and to apply. I’d suggest doing this sooner rather than later as this is the kind of initiative that is increasingly being cut as funds become tighter.

Joseph Wright paintings of views from proposed path

Wright1Derby Museums have recently been successful in adding two paintings by Joseph Wright to their collection. These show views of the Derwent Valley (Masson Mill and Willersley Castle) that will be visible from the proposed Derwent Valley Cycleway.

The paintings can be viewed at Derby Museum Looking forward to seeing the same views from the cycleway as the project proceeds.