Support from Prime Minister

The old Prime Minister has given her support for the Derwent Valley Cycleway on her last day in office.

Pauline Latham MP asked, “The Derwent valley cycle way is an aspirational project running through my constituency. It would create an off-road cycle way between Derby and Baslow, providing an alternative commuting route, encouraging tourism, encouraging cycling among the young, and improving the health of the local population. Does the Prime Minister agree that more funding should be made available to support this and other, similar projects?”

The Prime Minister replied, “I recognise the importance of increasing cycling and walking. It is important for people‚Äôs health and the local environment. Schemes such as the Derwent Valley cycleway provide significant benefit to the local economy as well as to health and the environment. We have doubled our spending on cycling and walking in England, and our local cycling and walking infrastructure plan enables local authorities to take a strategic approach to planning improvements and to integrate them into wider plans for transport and economic development. I am sure the issue will continue to be supported by Conservatives in government.”