Secretary of the cycleway working group – Ian Scott

Chair of the cycleway working group – Tanya Spilsbury

Vice-chair of the Cycleway working group – Rosie Stevenson

Chair of the Derwent Valley Trust (overriding charity of which the cycleway project is part) – Derek Latham

Volunteers have taken on various aspects of the project and some are listed below. If there is no link for making contact then send email to the secretary who can make the necessary connections.

Web site – Ian Dent

Newsletter content – Tim Wilmshurst

Communications – David Higley (strategy), Rosie Stevenson, Ross Atherton

Media contacts – Derek Latham

Mapping, GIS – Ian Dent

Event Planning – Jill Hodgshon

Photography – Peter Amour

Grants – Derek Latham, Andy Smart

Graphic design – Rosie Stevenson, Ross Atherton