Swaledale Cycle route work starts

Work has started on a family friendly cycle route along the valley bottom of Swaledale – a total length of about 12 miles of which about 75% will be traffic free.

Whilst this is an easier project than the Derwent Valley Cycleway (all the route already existed as bridleway or road so there are no land access or other legal issues) it is great to see a project with similar goals coming to fruition.

More information on the Swale Dale route here.

Further publicity for the Belper tube map in Nailed Belper

The recent updates to the Belper cycle quality tube map, including the addition of the proposed Derwent Valley Cycleway to the map, have been publicised in the Nailed – alternative Belper news – website.

The Derwent Valley Cycleway addition demonstrates how the existing poor provision for cycling in the Belper area can be greatly improved for north/south journeys by allowing cyclists to bypass the very poor route on the A6.

The Nailed article can be seen here.

Latest updates to the map can be downloaded from here.

Belper Tube map headline news in Belper News!

The recently released Belper Cycle Quality tube map is this week’s feature story in the Belper News.

More details on the tube map can be found by visiting this link.

The Belper News article can be found here.

The map clearly shows the current poor provision for cycling in the Belper area and makes the case for the Derwent Valley Cycleway which would greatly improve the north-south connections.


Derwent Valley Heritage Site 15 year celebration

The Derwent Valley Trust attended the recent celebration of 15 years of the Derwent Valley world heritage site held at Strutts in Belper. There was a steady stream of people discussing the cycleway and the Heritage Way walking route with us and we collected a number of names of people asking to be kept informed of progress on the cycleway.

Derby Cycle Quality map

The Derby Cycling Group (a supporter of the Derwent Valley Cycleway) have published a “tube” map showing the quality of existing cycle routes in the Derby area.

The latest version of the map can be found at https://derbycyclinggroup.org.uk/blog/map/

Of particular interest to the Derwent Valley Cycleway is the obvious lack of adequate cycling provision in the north of the city and to Belper (red ratings). The Derwent Valley Cycleway will provide a high quality route linking Belper to Derby and change the ratings on the map to blue.

Expressions of Interest requested for assessing the proposed cycleway

The Derwent Valley Trust has requested interested organisations to submit Expressions of Interest in bidding to deliver a study on the feasibility of the proposed Derwent Valley Cycleway. Subsequent to considering the companies expressing interest, a shortlist will be asked to tender for the work of delivering the study and a preferred organisation is expected to be selected by June 2017.

The document asking for Expressions of Interest can be found here.

After delivery of the study, we expect to have detailed costing information and plans which can be used to apply for the significant funds needed for the whole project.

Proposed Darley Park multi-user path – Please give your views

image005The Derby City Parks department are presenting proposals for the construction of a multi-user path through Darley Park on the west side of the River Derwent (joining the Abbey pub with the rowing clubs). This route will provide a great route for the Derwent Valley Cycleway linking the historic Darley Abbey village (and pub) with the rest of the route.

The Parks department are holding a consultation session on both Friday 12th and Saturday 13th (10am to 2pm) by the Darley Park cafe and it would be very useful for interested individuals to provide their input and to complete the consultation forms. The poster about the consultation can be found here

3 options for the route are under consideration and can be seen on the map here

Visitors will be asked to provide their views by completing the form here and by discussion. If people are unable to attend the organised times they can provide input by emailing parks@derby.gov.uk

The planned path will provide many benefits to walkers, disabled users, and cyclists and we hope as many people as possible are able to provide positive feedback on the plans.

Please attend the consultation or, if not possible, then please provide your input by email.

County Rider offers free cycle training

When discussing the Derwent Valley Cycleway with people, we often hear that more people would like to cycle but don’t have the confidence or experience to cycle on the existing roads. Building the Derwent Valley Cycleway will greatly help people get out on their bikes but in the meantime, Derbyshire County Council offer the County Rider scheme that provides 1:1 training for all types of riders (from the inexperienced to expert). Most people taking up the offer will be new or inexperienced riders who need help to build up their skills and confidence.

Free to people who live, work or study in Derbyshire. See this link for more details and to apply. I’d suggest doing this sooner rather than later as this is the kind of initiative that is increasingly being cut as funds become tighter.

Joseph Wright paintings of views from proposed path

Wright1Derby Museums have recently been successful in adding two paintings by Joseph Wright to their collection. These show views of the Derwent Valley (Masson Mill and Willersley Castle) that will be visible from the proposed Derwent Valley Cycleway.

The paintings can be viewed at Derby Museum Looking forward to seeing the same views from the cycleway as the project proceeds.