How much funding do you need to realise your vision?

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We have not yet calculated the full extent of funding needed as this will depend primarily upon how many new bridges we need and how many existing bridges we can use.

The cost of any particular section depends on a number of variables including the current state of the route (e.g. existing track or greenfield), the difficulty in satisfying legal requirements, the surface that is used (e.g. tarmac), the width of the cycleway, etc.

For budgetary purposes we have assumed that construction of a tarmac surfaced track will, on average, cost £200,000 per mile. In addition, legal, drainage and other services is expected to add 30% this basic cost. Each bridge is assumed to cost £500,000.

For the current draft route of 19.5 miles including the need for 4 new bridges, the total budget is thus estimated at £7 million.

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