How realistic is the cycleway at the moment?

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Derby City Council have funded a cost of money study of the Cycleway which shows that the route would deliver £4.80 of benefits for each £1 spent on construction (a “very good” result).

Funding is now required for a detailed feasibility study and the obtaining of planning permission for the route. Preferred consultants have been selected to deliver this study but obtaining funding is dependent on the results of the Derbyshire County Council Key Cycle Network exercise which is expected to be complete by mid 2018.

Derby City Council have agreed to construct a multi user path along the west bank of the River Derwent through Darley Park (in early 2019) and this will form part of the Cycleway.

It is likely that construction of the full cycleway will be phased with some sections more likely to happen than others at the moment. However, there is a large tourism benefit to having the full Cycleway in place as a tourist destination in its own right.

Highways England have awarded significant funds to establishing the southern parts of the route connecting Darley Abbey to Little Eaton (both north and south of the A38). This funding needs to be spent and the cycleway built by early 2021.

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