Is it just a matter of time or are there certain difficult obstacles to overcome?

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A project of this size is never simple and there are a number of obstacles to be overcome including in the areas of:

  • Funding. Significant funds are needed to make the route a reality and the current pressure on public spending means obtaining the funding will be a challenge. However, possible sources have been identified and organisations involved have been positive about the attractions of the project.
  • Commitment from landowners. A lot of effort has gone into identifying the owners of land that the proposed route will cross. Where possible informal discussions have been held in order to understand, and if possible accommodate, any concerns that the landowners have. In general, most landowners are positive although it is likely that, with a project of this size, there will be some conflict that will need to be resolved.
  • Route. Various possible routes have been explored matching the design principles. In some parts of the route, the topology of the land offers few alternative options.
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