What are the benefits of the Cycleway?

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Many benefits are expected to arise from the creation of the cycleway including those in the areas of:

  • Tourism. Increased tourism (e.g. cycle tourists) will lead to commercial opportunities to support the tourist demand (e.g. bed and breakfast, cafĂ©, bike hire). In addition, existing tourist attractions will benefit from the increased number of visitors arriving using the Cycleway.
  • Commuting. There are a large number of people who commute from Belper and Duffield into Derby and the cycleway will provide an attractive alternative to using the, currently congested, roads. There are many more who would commute if an attractive, safe, off road, alternative to the A6 trunk road was provided. Similarly commuters to Matlock will be encouraged to use the route.
  • Health. The beauty of the surroundings and the lack of significant gradients will encourage people to cycle for health and thereby reduce obesity and increase overall healthiness of the local population.
  • Environmental. To reduce vehicle related carbon emissions by making it safer to commute by bicycle.
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