Meeting minutes – 20th Feb 2014

Derwent Valley Cycleway Working Group

Minutes of meeting held on 20th February 2014 at St Michael’s Derby

Present: Mr. Derek Latham (Chairman) (DL)

Mr. Ian Scott (Secretary) (IS)

Mrs. Julie Carter (Duffield Cycling Group) (JC)

Mr. Ian Dent (Derby Cycling Group/Sustrans ranger) (ID)

Mr. Roger Jackson (Derwent Valley Cycle Group) (RJ)

Mr. Andy Smart (Derby City Council) (AS)

Mr. Brian Waters (Derwent Valley Trust) (BW)

1.Apologies were received from:


Mr. David Clasby (Sustrans) (DS)

Ms. Ruth Keeley (Natural England, Derbyshire & White Peak Adviser) (RK)

Mr. John Rogers (Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site) (JR)

Mr. Mark Spilsbury (Duffield Cycling Group) (MS)

Mrs. Jenny Southwell (Derbyshire County Council) (JS)


2. Approval of Minutes of meeting held Saturday 7th December 2013:

These were approved subject to the following corrections and clarifications:


On page3 under section (9) Land Ownership RK had written to IS to point out the Shining Cliff Woods are an SSSI (a site of special scientific interest) not an SSI. Also the last sentence should be amended to read as follow


“Although we believe our proposed route along the eastern fringe of the woods along an existing track by the old wireworks need not pose a problem, this is not necessarily the opinion of Natural England and further investigation of the route would be required.”


Also Rick Jillings is the County Council person to contact regarding the Cromford Canal towpath and it must be understood that the Council have no ownership of Shining Cliff Woods.


4. Matters arising:


(1) Charitable Status:


Chairman reported the result of a meeting held on 12th February with the directors of Derwent Valley trust to which he and IS had been invited by BW. DL and IS were appointed as trustees. It was agreed that the Derwent Valley Cycleway project should become affiliated to this charitable trust as a sub group.


This was welcomed as a most helpful development and unanimously agreed by today’s meeting.


Action: DL and BW will liaise regarding an appropriate letterhead to reflect this incorporation and to establish a link to the cycleway website under development.




(2) Local Enterprise Partnership D2N2:


AS reported that DCC are bidding to the LEP for government funding for infrastructure type projects between now and 2021. The key outputs are intended to achieve:


  • Increasing jobs and employment
  • Developing housing
  • Commercial sites


Derby City Council has three special areas for which a submission for development funds has been made.


  • The River Derwent
  • The City Centre
  • South Derby including Osmaston Park and Infinity Park


One of the objectives is to provide a connected cycle city all the way from the sports arena to Osmaston and Chellaston to the South.


To the North there is the “Our City Our River” project (OCOR).

This is a joint project between the City Council and The Environment Agency. Flood defence and cycling could be incorporated. It aims to produce a super connected route to link the city with the World Heritage Sites to the North.


The cost of a feasibility study has been incorporated within a bid that had to be submitted by 21st February 2014 and confirmed by the end of March. If successful the implementation would be scheduled to start in August 2016. His intent is to seek collaboration with Jim Seymour of Derbyshire County Council to enable the route to be developed further up the Derwent from where the City boundary ends roughly half a mile South of the A38.


DL stated that our target should be to collect as much information as possible to assist development of the route from the City to it’s Northern boundary and from Matlock to the South to meet up.


  • AS to send a copy of the submission to IS.
  • AS to let DL know to whom he should send a letter in support of his bid.
  • DL to contact Jenny Southwell to establish Derbyshire County Council’s view on a Southern link.


(3) Derbyshire Wildlife Trust & Derwentwise: In the absence of JR there was nil to report. The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust may have a limited sum to improve public access in their recent National Lottery grant as they have a responsibility to do this. Matthew Croney is the current administration manager. A new post has been advertised for a manager of the “Derwentwise Scheme”. DL has been invited to the next but one meeting of Derwentwise.

Action: IS to ask JR if an appointment has been made and with whom we should liaise. DL will seek the views of Derwentwise on our proposals and provide feedback.







(4) Community Rail Partnership: AS reported that John Wiseman , Regional Route Manager of East Midland’s Trains was sympathetic to encouraging cyclists. The possibility of cycle hire facilities at Matlock and Derby linked by rail was raised. Three other interested bodies were mentioned namely The Rail Partnership Forum managed by Debbie Cook , The Derbyshire Rural Partnership and The Wirksworth Railway.

Actions: ID will contact Eric Boultbee who is the Director of Wyvern Rail PLC owner of the Wirksworth railway. AS will let IS know the contact details of the Rural Partnership.


(5) Public awareness & Websites: ID has registered our interest in participating in “The Big Cycle Day Out” scheduled to take place on 24th May in Derby Market Place. He suggests a gazebo with posters and information. The aim would be to publicise our objective to achieve a multi-user traffic free cycle route along the Derwent from Matlock to Derby in broad terms. Posters could simply highlight the advantages of such a route in a diagrammatic fashion linking Matlock, Ambergate , Belper and Derby without specifics as to a precise route pending a feasibility study.


Meantime ID has created a simple web site at and uploaded some basic information. The intention is that, as the project proceeds, a dedicated domain name may be purchased and the website easily moved across to the new address. The website uses WordPress which is designed to allow all (authorised) people to upload their own information rather than having to route everything through the “webmaster”.

Content can be put on this site by contacting ID, IVS or DL. Contact details and minutes of meetings should be posted there together with a call for volunteers with relevant expertise to assist in the technical, engineering and legal aspects of the project.


BW suggested producing a press release “that we are seeking to identify a route for a Derwent Valley Cycleway” that might be timed for mid-May. However if there are positive signs of support from the City Council it could be done under the auspices of the

”Derby Connect “ brand and “Cycle Derby”. It would be helpful to draft this early and make Duffield and Belper Councils aware.


Actions: ID will attend the “Big Cycle Day Out”. IS will ask for volunteers to assist when contacting the wider group. DL and BW will draft a statement suitable for a press release.


(6) Feasibility Study & (7) Current & Proposed Derby City Developments: These issues had already been largely covered by the report from AS under item (2) above. There remained the matter of possible involvement of Sustrans.

Action:AS will pursue this with Sustrans


(8) Land Ownership: DL reported some progress in identifying ownership. The section from Belper to Ambergate is owned by Kingairloch Estates. He will meet Liz Robertson of that organisation in April or sooner if feasible. There is a legitimate concern on the part of their tenants regarding current experiences with trespass and risks to livestock from litter. However these problems could be resolved by an agreed properly defined route.

DL has spoken to an owner of land between Little Eaton and Duffield. He sought advice from the NFU who advised against becoming involved in the developments we propose. However DL has asked him if he might agree to give him details of the land he owns so that we might devise a route that would get round his concerns.

DL has had informal discussion with the son of the owner of land south of Little Eaton. RJ has written to Severn Trent regarding the route north of the A38. He has not received a reply as yet. He believes that where possible they may have a responsibility to promote recreation on land they own. JC reported on identification of the owners of the area from Duffield to Milford. She believes Ashley Franklin may be able to help.

Actions: DL to meet with Liz Robertson and pursue further informal discussions with landowners already contacted. JC to contact Ashley Franklin.


(9) Peak Cycle Links & Greater Peak District Strategy:

Expressions of interest need to be made to Emily Fox on the above website. The consultation ends on 21st March 2014.

Actions: DL will sort comments regarding Duffield to Derby and JC will sort those regarding Belper to Duffield.


4.Jenny Southwell communication re rights of way Map Downloads available

JS has provided this most useful link that demonstrates how the Derwent Valley route could connect with the current or proposed Greenways developments by the County Council.

Action: JC will use these as a basis for an outline map (not OS) using dots to link the towns en route in a schematic fashion. This could be used as a poster at The Big Cycle Day Out or incorporated in an information leaflet.


5. Duffield Riverside Route: Mark Spilsbury had nothing new to report.


6. Any other business:


(1) External Cycle Liaison Group: An invitation has been received to send a representative to a meeting of Derbyshire County Council External Cycle Liaison Group at 2pm on Thursday 20th March in Matlock. IS has agreed to go.

(2) Expansion of the circulation list: Chairman emphasised the importance of communicating the details and Email addresses of supporters to the secretary to expand the critical mass of “Friends of a Derwent Valley Cycleway”.


7. Date and time of next meeting. This will be held at 4.30 pm in the office of Derek Latham Associates in St Michael’s Church Queen Street Derby DE1 3SU on Thursday 20th March. Please note the later start to permit IS to get back from the Liaison Meeting in Matlock.



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