Examples of currently inadequate provision for cyclists

The following images show the current situation at places along the Derwent Valley where, until the Derwent Valley Cycleway is in place, cyclists are forced to experience inadequate or dangerous traffic situations.

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2015-10-26 13.14.232015-10-26 14.24.00The A61 Sir Frank Whittle Way leading from Derby to Little Eaton has the narrow footpath alongside the high speed road designated as National Cycle Route 54. The pictures demonstrate how the path is too narrow to pass pedestrians or other cyclists and also shows the high speed, heavy, traffic passing within inches of users of the route.

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Through Duffield the only route for cyclists is on the A6 which is a major road and bus route. The picture shows the lack of room for a cyclist on the road. In the centre of Duffield there is kerbside parking which further reduces the space for cyclists.

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The A6 through Belper is also very narrow and provides inadequate space for the (sometimes heavy) traffic and cyclists on the road.

Derbyshire Cycling Plan – please provide your comments

The draft Derbyshire Cycling Plan has been developed by a range of partners across all of Derbyshire. This high level plan aims to get more people on bikes, by 2025.

You can review the draft plan here. Once you have reviewed the draft you are encouraged to provide your comments by completing the questionnaire.

The Derwent Valley Cycleway will be providing input as a group but we’d encourage supporters to also provide input as individuals. If you have particular comments that you’d like to see included in the DVC response, please send these onto the secretary.

The deadline for a response is the 30th September.

Belper Goes Green event

In conjunction with Derby Cycling Group members of the Derwent Valley Cycleway group were at the Belper Goes Green festival on Saturday and Sunday 30/31st May. There was a steady stream of visitors to the stand and a high level of interest in the Derwent Valley Cycleway project.

Approximately 60 people signed up to be added to the email newsletter list. Almost without exception, visitors to the stand were positive about the project.

Belper_goes_green The picture shows the first outing for the new pop up stand showing a rough map of the route (thanks to Julie Carter and Ian Dent for their efforts in producing the banner and handouts). Derek Gascoyne and Sukie Kharia are shown modelling the stand.

Roger Jackson gave a short talk about the Cycleway on Saturday.

Thanks are also due to all the people who volunteered to assist on the stand including:

  • Ian Dent
  • Derek Gascoyne
  • Alan Foord
  • Sukie Kharia
  • Tanya Spilsbury

A useful exercise in publicising the plans for the Cycleway.

Cycling infrastructure design documents

Various different bodies have created design documents to help in the creation of effective cycling infrastructure. These include: